From the same-old, same-old.
From the mainstream. 
From the “everybody is doing it this way” 

Because… you’re not everybody!

You’ve always been curious. You’ve always worked to deeply to understand your body.

Regular massages, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness. The one who tells her friend what to eat when she’s fighting a cold, or the perfect stretch for those sore hip flexors.

Nobody has to remind you to “strengthen your core”:  it’s part of your being.

But, it should feel easier than this.  


You’re still sore. That neck and shoulder tension always seems to comes back and bite you when your schedule can least handle it. Sometimes, you really have to nudge... ok drag yourself to exercise...even though you know better.   

What if you just knew what was going on in your body?

If you didn’t need the regular chiropractor or the physiotherapist. And if the next time you booked a massage? It was for fun, not out of desperation.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s not only possible; it’s how you are designed. All this work you’ve been doing has just been part of your preparation- It’s time to move on up and get a Ph.D. in YOUR BODY.  

When you understand the science of how your body is designed to move, breathe, and function… Your digestion improves. Your energy skyrockets. Your movement becomes naturally graceful. And tension just naturally melts.

Are you ready to join me at the next level?

Rachael Hall incredible lungs

The incredible fractal design of the bronchioles in your lungs gather enough oxygen to supply every cell in your body.


"That was truly a life shifting session - I've been inspired all day! "

Caitlin Naramore, New York City www.naramorecreations.com