Your Dream Body

Finally access the body of your dreams
And become your fittest, healthiest, most confident YOU!

Starts January 2018

What if I told you that you can naturally...

  • Get stronger, sleeker, fitter, and lose excess weight
  • HEAR your body’s true cravings and feel nourished and supported in your choices
  • Cope better with the challenges of daily life
  • Feel motivated to exercise it will no longer feel like a chore
  • Have a stronger immune system and physical resilience
  • Have natural inner confidence - in and out of your clothes
  • Experience deep comfort and ease in your body
  • Get the abs and butt of your dreams

All this without depriving yourself of your favourite foods or overloading your body with hours of exercise?!


What’s the secret to feeling ah-mazing in your body, getting the abs & butt of your dreams, and shining your most radiant, confident self? (Without going on an extreme food plan and doing yoga 365 days a year!)

Because at this point, it feels like you’ve tried it all

You’ve likely tried different kinds of movement practices, like Soul Cycle, Barre classes, Yoga and Pilates - maybe even trained for half-marathons in an effort to be fitter.
You’ve tried juice cleanses, raw foods, paleo, the 5:2 diet - you name it!

But when the stresses of life hit - like getting super busy, work pressures, relationship ups and downs, moving house, having a baby (I could go on) - diet and exercise regimes drop way off the priority list - how many times have you heard yourself say ‘I just haven't got time’?

And the internal challenge of attempting perfection only sends us binging on a box of dark chocolates.

What’s the answer then? Is it intuitive eating and “listening to your body”? What about when your body is telling you to eat a box of cookies? Surely that goes against your true desire to feel and look your absolute best!

Not to mention those nagging health issues that keep coming to the surface - like poor digestion, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, stress, anxiety, back pain…
Sometimes it feels like you have to fight your cravings, exhaustion or stress in attempts to be healthy.

And you don’t want to fight your body anymore

It’s exhausting to be in this continual cycle. Especially when the things you do to become your fittest create other kinds of discomfort…

… Like doing hard-core fitness only to need a nap afterwards because your adrenals are busted
… Or doing hot yoga only to get an injury.

After all of this effort, it’s so frustrating to still have extra body fat in certain places!
There has to be another way

Because all of these cycles have left you hungry

Hungry for…
  • Feeling your best, looking your best, and doing it in a way that supports your mind, body, and soul.
  • A movement practice and lifestyle you can sustain for the long term
  • A healthy lifestyle that doesn’t rely on willpower and over-riding your body’s instincts or cravings.
  • Truly loving your body.
  • Feeling toned, strong, sculpted, fit and sexy.

Is this even possible? The answer is YES. It comes down to this…

Working with the ACTUAL DESIGN of your body.

Here’s the secret...

Your body is incredibly intelligent. There’s an evolutionary design to how your body WANTS to breathe, stretch, twist, digest and move.



With the simple understanding of how our bodies are designed, how they have access to infinite potential and how to best tap into this abundance,  you will get so much more out of your Yoga, Pilates or Fitness practice. In fact, every moment of your life will be upgraded.

Many movement practices and techniques are leaving this out and people are being trained in a dysfunctional way

For example, when you’re told to “lift your pelvic floor,” and to ‘’tuck your tail underneath you’’ in chair pose, you are not only doing your pelvic floor muscles an injustice, you are also training your body out of its ability to absorb force (very important for injury prevention). 

Or maybe you've been told to ‘’tighten your core’’- which in fact is most likely restricting your breathing, stressing your nervous system and raising your blood pressure. 

These seemingly helpful cues can stop us from reaching our fullest potential in our bodies and seeing the progress we want, and can even cause us injury.

Your body is more intelligent than this -can you imagine a panther having to tighten it's core? Instead, he is naturally in touch with his body’s design and his body knows exactly how much effort and tension is needed in any every situation.



When you're moving and living in a way that supports how your body is designed, you can experience...

  • Clearer communication between your body and brain
  • More motivation to exercise and be active in your life
  • Tension literally melting away
  • Deep comfort and ease in your body
  • Breathing radically improves
  • A stronger immune system and physical resilience
  • Good posture becomes effortless
  • Natural inner confidence like you’ve never experienced before
  • Optimal digestion regular and better poops!
  • I’m so passionate about sharing this way of movement with you, because it’s a culmination of what I’ve discovered from my lifelong journey of fitness, health, and happiness.

    Hi, my name is Rachael Hall.

    My relationship with my body goes back to when I was 11 years old and I left home for full-time training at The Royal Ballet School - one of the world’s most renowned classical ballet training schools. 

    These formative years gave me the chance to be trained by the world’s most elite dance and movement educators.

    And yet this time was also detrimental to my confidence

    Being continually critiqued, measured, and compared to some perfect ballerina body type led me to hating and fighting with my own body.

    During school and years and later as a professional dancer, I felt pressure to override my body’s need to rest and recover. Instead I mindlessly pushed myself to the next level of flexibility, strength and endurance. At no point did I listen to what my body really needed.

    Then, fate struck. I seriously injured my ankle. I had reconstructive surgery, and went to Pilates daily for rehab. Through Pilates, I healed my injury, strengthened my body, and became a teacher so I could help others. I was able to help thousands of students get rid of pain, heal, and strengthen their body.

    While teaching in Australia 13 years ago, I discovered a technique called the Franklin Method - and experienced a whole new paradigm of being in my body. This method taught me how the body is evolutionarily designed and how it moves and functions at its absolutely best.

    I’m talking about understanding the 'ins and outs' of my anatomy like no one had ever taught me before

    Like actually knowing and experiencing how the joints in my pelvis move when I bend my knees, or what’s REALLY happening to my lungs, abdominals, digestive and nervous systems when I'm breathing, how to become more flexible without stretching, and even down to the way my organs influence my posture, movement and mood!


    This depth of experience in my own body completely transformed my approach to movement and teaching

    And it also completely transformed my body and life. I experienced shift after shift:

    • My body naturally slimmed down and become much more toned
    • I lost all my baby weight and love my body more now than before my daughter’s birth!
    • I started to love working out, instead of resisting it - now I CRAVE it 
    • My anxiety lessened dramatically after struggling with this almost everyday at times
    • I found an absolute comfort in my body
    • I discovered that I can breathe deeply and fully all the time
    • I dropped deeper and clearer into natural and true expression of me
    • I didn’t need to try to “be confident” anymore - I just was
    • I found a rootedness and deep confidence that isn’t about a toned butt or clear skin - it comes from within
    • I stopped blushing spontaneously after being a serial blusher my whole life
    • I feel so absolutely clear about my direction and mission in life

    After sharing this work with thousands of students in live, in-person workshops all over the world, I’ve decided….

    It’s time!

    Let me show you another way of experiencing your body that will take your movement and life to an even more euphoric level

    You’re invited to join me for:

    Your Dream Body Transformation:

    Tone Your Body, Butt, and Mind from the Inside Out

    I’ve brought together what I have learned over the past 25 years about getting fit, strong, toned and feeling great while working with your body’s true design.

    Because when you work out with your body instead of against it, finally you can have the most incredible results.

    Get ready for a whole new experience of health and what you believe is possible

    Here’s what you’ll experience in the 8- week program:

    • How to harness the power of your mind to create lasting, positive change
    • A flatter, stronger belly- from the inside out
    • A happy, healthy, open heart- both emotionally and physically
    • A healthy, flexible and strong spine
    •  The legs and butt of your dreams
    •  Toned, strong and sculpted arms
    • Relaxed, easy. and comfortable neck and shoulders
    • Improved fitness and motivation levels
    • A strong, resilient immune system
    • A whole new, healthy, happy you! 
    • 1 LIVE group coaching call per month During our dive deep sessions, we will be meeting up virtually, and I’ll be leading you through all the movements and teaching LIVE! Be prepared to be uplifted, transformed and inspired in these sessions, where I will be drawing on my expertise in the Franklin Method, Universal Health Principles and Pilates. 
    • 30+ Dream Body Fitness workouts to watch as many times per week as you choose! Ranging in length and intensity, you can do 1 workout everyday per month should you wish! From Meditation to Cardio, Pilates and Yoga to Franklin Method- your physical and mental wellbeing is covered! 
    • 24/7 access to the Recording Library - Classes are recorded so you can review them as much as you want, or practice them in your own time!

    • An Accountability Buddy - to share your goals with one-on-one, and get support for showing up for yourself.

    • Weekly motivational emails - with session reminders and inspiration to keep you on track.

    • Private Facebook group - In our private group, you can connect with your other health-minded classmates who are on this journey with you. You can also bring your fitness questions to me in the group!

    • Guided cookery classes and a library of immune boosting recipes- Be prepared to be inspired by quick, easy and nutrient dense recipes and tips to support your incredible body to function at it's best, and to keep your taste buds satisfied!! 

    • Group Universal Health Principles Sessions- designed to unlock and hidden emotional blocks that may be holding you back from being your fittest, strongest and healthiiest version of you! 

    • Cutting-edge goal-setting tools - This isn’t just about working out. This is about taking every aspect of your life to another level! During this program, we’ll be identifying our deeper goals in life -- like in our careers, relationships, bodies, and more. You’ll be learning cutting edge tools to create the life you want and to go for your dreams.

    • Inspirational talks from health and well being experts sharing the most up to date research based findings and practical resources to help you take your health journey to the net level!!!! 

    • Monthly Q+A sessions to get 1 on 1 support from me and your health and well being questions answered! 

    “Wow! I just had my first session with Rachael Hall and what a gift! The techniques she so masterfully shared were literally life-changing. My whole body and being went from feeling very constricted and stuck to really feeling in my bones open, centered, embodied and free. Absolutely amazing! Rachael is a miracle worker!”
    - Caitlin Narramore, Singer and Chef, NYC


    Your body is your expression of you.

    It’s how others see you and your window to the world.

    Let’s make it your clearest vessel for YOU to shine through!

    "We invited Rachael to teach at our new studio in Exeter, it was so popular we had to book in 2 more with her to satisfy the demand. The workshop was attended by teachers from all across the South West of England. Once I started to think of the body on a much more dynamic level it changed and informed the way I teach fundamentally."
    - Vida Cleland, Exeter, UK. Pilates Teacher and Co-owner of Haven Pilates


    Interested? Sign up for more details about this transformational experience and finally access the body of your dreams


    Your Dream Body Transformation is not another fad workout. This is about learning how to become your own guru

    You will learn how to move in harmony your body. Be immesersed in an approach t health that is based on our anatomy and the evolution of our bodies since the beginning of time.

    You already have all the wisdom in your body. Your body knows your correct posture, it knows how to heal, how to digest food, how much tension and effort is needed in any moment, it knows how to be your best you. Your body is a wonderful, incredible place to be.

    Join me for this transformational experience and finally access the body of your dreams


    “Just one class with Rachael made me think completely differently about my body
    and my approach to the profession and industry itself."  
    - Rosanna Yeo, London, UK, Professional Dancer

    See what past students have to say...

    • I have thoroughly enjoyed Your Dream Body. Rachael is a truly gifted teacher and puts over information about how the body works in a really understandable way. I am truly thinking differently about how my body functions and plan to repeat the programme over the next four weeks. The fact that we have managed to cover the different parts of the body in 8 weeks has been a real revelation to me. Some of the sessions have been more challenging than others but there is always a stage that I can manage to practise. So a really big big thank you to Rachael. I’m really looking forward to the next programme.
      — Karen Ray, UK
    • Thank you so much for the wonderful dream body program. It’s been a lovely support and has really given me a renewed appreciation of myself and it’s kept me very calm. I’m so much happier with my own body, my friends and loved ones have noticed it too!
      — Charlotte Clark, UK
    • Just to let you know I am loving Your Dream Body programme and feel it's really helping me to understand my body and strengthen my core. I am new to Pilates and am loving it. I'm also trying to go running each day and eat healthy food.
      — Julia Price, UK
    • When I started the Your Dream Body I took photo’s of myself and also took some measurements, including weight. I had already lost all of my baby weight and a fair bit more and didn’t really expect to lose anything else, but another 5lb slipped off! My main aim was to tone up so that I felt more confident in my post children/going back to work body. I have been amazed! I have lost an inch from my waist, and half an inch from my hips and each thigh! I will be two dress sizes smaller when I return to work and have needed to buy all new clothes. This programme was the final push I needed and has really helped me get to know my body and improve it even more. Because I deserve it! Thank you so much!
      — Kathryn Bridgford, UK
    • What an amazing progamme this has been! I am feeling stronger and I can feel a difference in how much more toned I feel, but most of all I just seem to have a much calmer way about me. I have always been someone that does everything at 100mph and I have noticed a difference in me relaxing. I catch myself noticing my breathe and diaphragm every now and again throughout the day and smile to myself. Thank you so much, Rachael, for teaching such amazing skills
      — Emma Flanagan, UK
    • Just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’, Rachael, for the last 8 weeks, it’s been exactly what my body and mind were craving. I feel stronger and much more balanced…and I feel like I’ve got in to a much healthier routine of finding ‘me’ time, little and often. You’ve really struck the perfect balance between toning/working and relaxing/releasing. I’ve loved the fact that even after the more challenging sessions I’ve not felt any tension creeping in. I plan to make the most of the recordings over the next few weeks and can’t wait to see what you have planned next!
      — Emily Harrison, UK
    • Ah, Rachael, what can I say? Thank you so much for this wonderful course. The time you’ve invested in us and more importantly for understanding everyone’s own pace and allowing us to be ok with that too. I’m so glad I signed up and there’s so many things I’ve taken on board to enrich my relationship with my body. You are such an inspiration and again, I thank you for being you and giving me the motivation to make the change!
      — Janine Begley, UK
    • I have loved this programme so much. I feel stronger, more toned and have a richer relationship with my body. The biggest thing I hoped for at the start was to find a way of my body moving intelligently from the inside out. This has totally been that…and so much more! It’s taken me further than I could have imagined and I feel like it’s only the start! The warmth, generosity and support of your teaching has made this process such a joy! I can’t thank you enough and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next, Rachael
      — Lucy Frazer UK
    • I have been so overwhelmed and off the charts delighted by this incredible programme that you have created. I know I echo all of the others when I say that your delivery of it came with such a fullness of love and the generosity oozed from you to me, and across the miles that separate us. The connection that I have with my body now, feels even stronger.
      — Barbara Hames, Bali
    • Loved, loved Your Dream Body programme, I feel fitter and stronger than I have since having my 2 children. This morning I got my PB whilst running with the double pram, it felt so comfortable. Thank you, Rachael, for making me love my body again
      — Becky Irwin, Western Australia
    • What an amazing experience this has been! Thank you, Rachael. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Never have I experienced exercises like you have shown us. My mind and body are loving it.
      — Shelle Knutson, USA
    • I can’t believe these weeks have passed so quickly! Needless to say, I no longer feel creaky, achy and stiff! I feel more supple and can move much more easily. After joining Your Dream Body programme, I began to eat more healthily and I am now 10.5lbs lighter than when I began! Thank you so much, Rachael, for introducing me to this amazing way of keeping fit and healthy!
      — Susan Partridge, UK
    • A huge, huge ‘thank you’, Rachael, for creating such a special programme for us. I have enjoyed every session and found it so helpful on all levels. You have inspired, invigorated, challenged, relaxed and motivated us with such care, clarity and fun. Allowing us to trust ourselves and want to continue to do more!
      — Regan Fox, UK