That was truly a life shifting session - I've been inspired all day! 

"Wow! I just had my first session with Rachael Hall and what a gift! Not only is Rachael simply lovely in every way, with bright, clear energy and sweet, beaming eyes, but the Franklin Method techniques she so masterfully shared were literally life-changing. My trapezius became diamonds and mountains, my otherwise tense muscles in my shoulders became soft and smooth like rivers of light, my spine elongated, My whole body and being went from feeling very constricted and stuck to really feeling in my bones open, centered, embodied and free, where I could actually feel gravity holding me and that has burdened me melt away. Absolutely amazing! Rachael is a miracle worker, with a gorgeous British accent to boot and anyone and everyone would benefit exponentially by working with her.
I will again for sure!"

Caitlin Naramore, New York City 

"Every dancer should learn about Franklin Method. Just one class with Rachael made me think completely differently about my body and my approach to the profession and industry itself"

Rosanna Yeo, London, UK. Professional Dancer

Working with Rachael was an eye opening experience for me!

"I am a professional ballet dancer from the Royal Ballet Company and I know my body well. I have done years of Pilates, Girotonics, yoga and of course my classical ballet training. I have also had lots of massage and physiotherapy over the years.

However, it's very easy to repeat movements over and over again without really thinking about how your body is doing them.

This is where Rachael comes in...
I worked with Rachael for a couple of weeks in the run up to surgery on my hip. I can't believe how little I knew about the structure and mechanics of the pelvis and the hip sockets until then. Her Franklin method work was so clear, she has an amazing understanding of the body and the use of imagery that I saw things in a totally new way. Things started to make sense suddenly. It made it so much easier to process what was happening inside my hip and in my head. I had so many 'light bulb' moments during those two weeks.

"It made it so much easier to process what was happening inside my hip and in my head. I had so many 'light bulb' moments during those two weeks."


I became excited about my forthcoming rehab, wanting to know more about my body instead of feeling terrified of the surgery itself. I knew I had lots of work to do to get as strong as possible pre surgery. I came away feeling strong and energised, full of new inspiration."

Helen Crawford, London, UK. First Soloist, Royal Ballet Company

"In Rachael’s workshop I picked up many new useful tips and tricks to help dancers achieve a better understanding of how their body functions. Rachael’s clever use of dynamic imagery helps her students to understand their own anatomy and movement patterns in a clear and practical way.”

Aedin Kennedy, London, UK. Senior Physiotherapist of the Royal Ballet Company

vida harrison

"We invited Rachael to teach at our new studio in Exeter, it was so popular we had to book in 2 more with her to satisfy the demand. The workshop was attended by teachers from all across the South West of England. 

This workshop fed my inner geek and allowed my inner child to play with the concepts so that they moved from theory to a reality. Franklin’s concepts in some ways seem so obvious and make a lot of sense once they are in motion; and this is why Rachael's intelligent and articulate style of teaching, with her Pilates and dance background, complements the method so well. Rachael is an incredibly welcoming and involving teacher and the atmosphere in the room was very focused yet relaxed. I felt that everyone who attended got something from the session as we all talked about our experiences at lunch in great depth." 

"Once I started to think of the body on a much more dynamic level it changed and informed the way I teach fundamentally."

Vida Harrison, Exeter, UK. Pilates Teacher and Co-owner of Haven Pilates.

Eleah Waters - pilates teacher

"Rachael had us all captivated with her knowledge and clever use of exercise and demonstration. Experienced students to complete beginners were able to find her workshop equally profound."

Eleah Waters, London, UK. Pilates Teacher.

I absolutely loved your Franklin Method workshop and I had no idea that there was so much to learn about the pelvis

"I had always thought of the pelvis as a solid construction, like a bowl, and didn't appreciate how much movement there was between the individual parts. I have enjoyed getting to know my own body again and have been able to retain the mental images to help with my posture and movement."

Linda Ackroyd, North Devon, UK

katharine moran

"Phenomenally useful and engagingly taught"

Katharine Moran, Honiton, UK Pilates teacher and Owner of Enlightened Body Pilates




"I really enjoy going to Rachael’s Franklin method classes, they have made me aware of my tension levels. I definitely feel the benefits,

I am calmer and basically don't sweat the small stuff as much. 

 It compliments Pilates well, and has shed a new light on certain exercises. The classes are always interesting with plenty of food for thought. "

Debbie West, North Devon, UK. Pilates teacher and Owner of The West Studio

Seven months ago I broke my wrist which as a surfer is a bit of a disaster. It has given me problems ever since despite trying various physio excersises and splints.

A friend recommended Rachael Hall to me and I have to say I am glad they did.

Having a specific injury I decided to have a few personal lessons. From the start I was very impressed with Rachel's approach. She is very knowledgeable and tailored a program to suit my needs. She utilised a number of techniques including some from the Franklin Method and I have seen a real improvement.
I managed to get back in the water for a surf last week which has been a huge breakthrough for me. Rachael is very holistic in her approach and I think this has been key to the progress I have made. She has great energy and enthusiasm and this has really helped me think more positively. As well as improving my symptoms I have seen real benefit in flexibility and core strength.

I am massively grateful to Rachael and would recommend working with her to anyone.

Not only for injury rehabilitation but also for core strength, fitness and challenging yourself to think more positively!

GP, North Devon, UK

Rachael is a caring and gifted teacher who encourages and inspires all in her class regardless of age or previous experience.

Movement in my left shoulder was limited and painful but with regular classes and support from Rachael I now have full range of movement with the added bonus of having lost 3 stone in weight! 

Linda Ackroyd, North Devon, UK

"Firstly thank you very much for the amazing workshop on Saturday. It was brilliant Rachael! 

I loved seeing the model of the pelvis and how it moves, it was great to take it apart and really explore the shape and movement visually. 

I really loved the way you combined the movement session with the band which allowed us to start to put the information into use in our bodies. There was lots of information for me to start to put more into my own body, explore further and put into my teaching. Thank you!

Your passion and sincerity really came across; you made it fun and easy to follow. You helped everyone relax which I think is really important to learning."

Anna Pearson, Bristol, UK. Pilates teacher.

Want some of the experiences that these fantastic students have had? Check out the various ways you can work with Rachael or get in touch via the contact page.