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My Name is Rachael Hall - I’m a Franklin Method Educator, Universal Health Principles Practitioner, Ex-professional Ballet Dancer, Pilates Instructor and studio owner and food lover. After spending over  25 years of my life dedicated to reaching my body’s fullest potential, I’m excited to share my simplest, easiest and most transformative tools with you


"We invited Rachael to teach at our new studio in Exeter, it was so popular we had to book in 2 more with her to satisfy the demand. The workshop was attended by teachers from all across the South West of England. Once I started to think of the body on a much more dynamic level it changed and informed the way I teach fundamentally." Vida Cleland, Exeter, UK. Pilates Teacher and Co-owner of Haven Pilates.


“Wow! I just had my first session with Rachael Hall and what a gift! The techniques she so masterfully shared were literally life-changing. My whole body and being went from feeling very constricted and stuck to really feeling in my bones open, centered, embodied and free. Absolutely amazing! Rachael is a miracle worker!” 
Caitlin Narramore, Singer and Chef, NYC



“Just one class with Rachael made me think completely differently about my body and my approach to the profession and industry itself"
Rosanna Yeo, London, UK, Professional Dancer