The importance of good quality REST in maintaining a healthy immune system


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Now, you probably imagined that the Immune Boost October challenge would be all about getting fit, toned and eating uber healthy.... and whilst the above are KEY elements to boosting your immune system (I have some fab workout challenges in store for you!) so is REST!!!!!

It is vital!!!!!!! 

Generally speaking, we have WAY too much stress in our lives- 

Our body's are actually designed to live in their parasympathetic nervous system (where you feel chilled, relaxed, happy) around 90% of the time!

This is where our body rejuvenates, recovers, absorbs the nutrients from the food you eat and assimilates all of the informaton from the day.  

Stress isn't always detrimental- there can be healthy stresses, in fact it has been key to our survival as a species- but prolonged stress and high levels of stress can degrade your body and interfere with it's health.

I want to share with you some simple ways that you can ensure that you're getting good quality rest and cultivating your parasympathetic nervous system, so it's a place that you live most of the time!!! 

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  • Wear an eye mask at night. If your brain detects light, your nervous system in on a slight alert, it won't totally rest! 
  • If there is noise, wear ear plugs (when appropriate to do so!) as above- your body can totally sink into rest and recovery when it doesn't have to be listening out and making sense of various sounds.
  • Aim to sleep for at least 8 hours (this is something I currently DREAM of- excuse the pun!). of. course this is not always possible- but studies show that your body likes to have 6 hrs of deep  deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and 1 hour either side to drift in and out. GO TO BED EARLY ENOUGH so that you're prioritising your rest- especially through the darker months! 
  • No screen time at least 1 hour before bed. This is soooo difficult I KNOW. The blue light from phone/computer screens makes it difficult for your brain/mind to unwind- hence making deep sleep more challenging. Perhaps try reading before bed, or Franklin Method ball rolling, giving yourself a foot massage, having a warm bath, journalling, meditating. YOU'RE WORTH IT! 
  • Have DOWN TIME IN THE DAY!! Yes!!!!! Rest in the day! Try these ways to constructively rest in the day: listen to a 20 min meditation, have a siesta, do Yoga Nidra or do a Franklin Method constructive rest session. Your mind and body will absolutely LOVE you for taking he time to nurture them- give yourself time to refuel. Whilst reading a book can be beautiful downtime- it's also wonderful to allow yourself to totally switch off for a short period of time! 
  • BREATHE! I am sharing a fab Facebook live breathing video during Immune Boost October, so be sure to see it!!!!!!
  • Let go, ask yourself if you can do less?.. in each moment.. can your shoulders feel more dropped, can you feel your feet on the floor, can you feel the support within your body and rest into it? Are there any commitments that you can say no to, make your schedule a little lighter?

Let's TRULY look after ourselves this autumn (and forever more). It's no just about putting more restrictions on yourself, having a stricter exercise regime and not eating certain foods.... it's about really listening to what you need, like a good friend, in each moment,, and acting accordingly. 

See you for the Facebook live!!! It's going to be a treat!

Here is to feeling Fit, Strong and Fabulous this Autumn!

Love, Rachael x