Can you THINK yourself to optimal health?


Can you THINK yourself to optimal health?

As an ex-professional ballet dancer, I very much understand and have experienced the power of my mind and how it influenced my performance and wellbeing.

However, it was only when I met the Franklin Method 13 years ago that I really started to understand the science behind how and why the mind has such an influence on our body and our health.

  • I am sure you have experienced not 'delivering' in a presentation or performance because your mind/ lack of confidence got the better of you?
  • or on the flip side, an illness or 'stressful' situation that would normally get you down, feels like a breeze because you're in love, or on holiday or just feeling absolutely wonderful at that time? 

Well, your mind and your thoughts have a huge effect on your health as well as your performance. Your cells are faithfully listening to every word that your mind says- even if you just THINK about a scenario, an event, your body believes your are currently LIVING that event and acts accordingly, i.e. produces chemical and hormonal responses.

In tip 1 we discussed how stress is the no.1 cause of disease- so in todays Facebook live we are going to dive into how you can harness your thoughts to allow optimum health to flow through you!!

If you missed us live, you can just head over to my Facebook page and watch the recording!!!!

This is going to be fab, see you there, !

Here is to staying fit, strong and healthy this autumn,  

love Rachael x