Breathe easy - Franklin Method session


We take somewhere around 20,000 breaths per day. 

Breathing is a vital act for the body.

If you improve your breathing, you can drastically decrease the risk of just about every disease known to man.

In this Facebook live you will: 

  • Learn what is happening every time you take a breath.
  • Discover the proper way to breathe; and, what might be inhibiting your breathing.
  • Take home techniques and exercises to boost the efficiency of breathing. Giving your entire body more oxygen and energy and boost your immune system 
  • Reduce stress and find a deep sense of relaxation and comfort in your body and mind
  • Discover how breathing efficiently can tone your pelvic floor and abdominals 24/7

Watch this FREE breathing video and let me know how you feel afterwards!! x

Here is to feeling fit, strong and healthy this autumn!

love, Rachael x